Business Process Digitalization

Digitalize your business processes to optimize your workflow.
Simplify and quicken the transversal and multilevel interaction between
business functions and core processes efficiently and scalably

Outside Sales CRM

Field Service Management

emoby helps our clients to deliver the best possible service to their customers in the most efficient and effective way possible. Our software applications spans the complete field-service lifecycle from planning & scheduling through to mobilising the field worker and monitoring the performance in real-time.

Sales Activity Tracking & Pipeline Management

Increased productivity thanks to real-time planning

emoby is ideal for specialized field marketing organizations which serve multiple clients with different types of field agents and call on outlets over different geographic locations. Emoby allows you to automate workflows, manage electronic dispatching, inventory management, displays, POP, returns, shelf share, surveys and activations.

Manage Field Agents

Tracking of field agents’ position and activity progress through reports and surveys and launch e-learning training modules.

Field Marketing Management

Brand Owners and National Agents

emoby supports merchandising, marketing, competitor activity, stock management, training, and brand management activities across different channels and geographic locations.


Monitor budget vs cost, inventory management, follow-up on promotional material and marketing collateral. Manage quality standards and compliance requirements. Run client satisfaction reports.

Full Technical Activity Management

Monitor technician performance, activities, progress, and workload on the field. Track Issues and training of Field Technicians.

Field Marketing Management


Easy integration with exisiting systems

Established ERP systems or a company tailored solution? emoby can be integrated with any kind of system.

Short implementation time

Our team of technology experts develops features based on the input and feedback of the market place, ultimately of the end-users. As stakeholder of emoby they are fully part of your development cycle which makes emoby a user-friendly platform. As you only select the modules that you need, you and your team can truly focus on what matters the most: efficiency and real-time insights. A half day should be more than enough to get your way around emoby.

Affordability and scalability

From your desktop to your phone and even your tablet, emoby is easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Start-up, small-medium enterprises or a multinational player, you can choose the benefits you need, and add-on additional modules at the piece of your growth.

Good adoption rates

New tooling always goes with an adapted way of working. Our key strength are our technology experts and product managers who tailor the environment to your needs and requirements. This flexibility is a key asset compared to some key players in the market. We truly listen to our clients reducing change management friction and implementation constraints.