Not a one size fits all
Tailor-made service management solutions

Solutions are like suits. Every business and every person is different. The core pains and issues are similar but the happiness lies in the fitting. Check out how emoby makes your life easier and your employees and clients happy.

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Sales Activity Tracking & Pipeline Management

Turbocharge your teams on the road

Mobile tools make it easy for field teams such as technicians or sales reps to upsell at the job site, manage stock, boost ticket size and get more done in less time.

Connect and organize

Always assign the right tasks to the right person. A smart dashboarding shows you real time feedback. Insights in what your teams do at the client site.

Integration with existing systems

No more entering things twice or decentralized information
Everyting you input goes into a central platform which is connected with the tooling of your choice


Changing needs, new requirements. As developing is our passion, we are highly appreciated by our clients for our flexibility on developping additional features

Field Marketing Management

"emoby is fast and simple but extremely powerful. It lets us observe and manage our activities in time. The freedom to configure the system according to our needs is really fantastic. We definitely recommend it to every Company that does Fieldservices on the market."

Stefano De Matteis
National Account Manager
Sodastream International B.V. Italian Branch